piektdiena, 2017. gada 31. marts


I was watching The Walking Dead (S4Ep15) where all you have to do is say "Claimed!" and the thing is yours, like you say "Shotgun" to sit in the front seat of the car. Anyway, today I thought I want to call "Claimed!" on the slogan "Rise in the light of feminine power" not that it is a great slogan, but if it ever would to become one, you heard it from me first!

On more important issues! Feminism! I want to point your attention to the very important fact that Spotify has a great playlist called Feminist Friday, with all your favourite female power women. And I was listening to it this morning going to the library and I was inspired. Thinking about how could I inspire others today.

This could be the day to change something in your life or do something new:

💗This could be the day you compliment another women on her success
💗This could be the day you become a feminist, (feminism is also for men)
💗This could also be the day you decide to love yourself more
💗This could be your day to end an abusive friendship

 Whatever you do, have a great day! Kisses and hugs! Over and out! And follow this beautiful inspirational body positive blog http://www.bodyposipanda.com/ or on instagram https://www.instagram.com/bodyposipanda/

piektdiena, 2016. gada 16. septembris

Rise in the light of feminine power.

I would say I am one of the most passive versions of a feminist you can imagine. I am thinking of buying my first real feminist statement t-shirt. But I do get upset when women feel the need to put down other women with their words. In a time when wage inequality is still a problem and pregnancy issues are decided by state law, why do women feel the need to say bad stuff about other women. I felt so powerless when yesterday in my presence a conversation played out where some of the girls commented on how one should not were certain things (I guess she was pointing out the passing girls short skirt) and instead of bursting out in a feminist lecture I just ironically asked if she means her bag. 

So this is a post for the girls who know that how other women dress is non of their business but do not know how to call other women out on commenting on it. It is non of your business of what other people wear. Anybody can wear what ever they want to wear! And I promise to myself to stop other people the next time I am in this situation. Because if I do not act on in, I am just as bad. And I do want women power to emerge so very badly. Stay strong beautiful women! And rise in the light of feminine power!

Inspiring movie, on why you should fight for female rights ---> Ku'damm 56

And some ideas on your next t-shirt purchase-->

trešdiena, 2016. gada 18. maijs

Crafts before 12:00, iron-on patch DIY

I am here with spring advice how to update your look. Inovation is a myth but stealing ideas is just as good as making some up yourself.

As cultivated by popular media and often seen worn by celebrities the crop top is here to stay for the summer.
But if you are not 16 or have a somewhat respectable job, and you are still feeling a lot like funkin' it up.
The perfect solution for you is iron on patches, for your everyday look!
So here, as seen in Maxi magazine April, Deutschland 2016, why wear a booring t-shirt, if you can wear literary anything else.

You need an iron and a patch - you can buy patches in craft/sew shops or bigger supermarkets as well, and then iron away and rock on.

Works just as well on jackets and pullovers.

piektdiena, 2016. gada 15. janvāris

Mjau mjau, Christmas delayed, gift re-cycling!

Re-gifting can be a pain. Especially if in your planner (the one you didn't really need, because you already have one) they write in what a special person you are. Promise you, really hard to re-gift that. For me personaly, mom is a great way to re-gift, because if mom cannot use it, nobody can, and mom knows the perfect dark cupboard corner to put it in. Sometimes you recieve gifts that are not bad per se, but you just know that never in your life you would use something like this. Unless your New Year resolutions contain a lot of promises to change who you are. Re-cycling gifts is a great alternative to give your gift a new meaning. Think of different things your gift could be, and what can you make of it. I recieved an eye/sleep thing, you would put on your eyes, if it is too bright or smth. Since I have no problems falling asleep in various different occasions, I would never use such a thing. But taking in consideration that I do have a grey pullover, I can make a cute cat lover pullover in three easy steps.

1. Own a grey sweatshirt and recieve a kitty cat sleep mask as a Christmas present
2. Cut of the straps of the mask
3. Sew the kitty cat on the sweathirt

MJAU! Be a proud cat lady/cat man!

ceturtdiena, 2016. gada 7. janvāris

Christmas time magic, be in the moment

How to take the best of holidays?

I have been blessed with very inspiring and smart friends. Just before Christmas I had a great talk with Danute, were she was telling me of a theory of how to be in the moment, how every judgment of your life is better if you analyze it from the perspective of now. If you are free of culturally added pre-programmed ways to react to situations.(I bet Danute could explain this better)

 I tend to get caught up in planning and thinking ahead and working on what the next step is, sometimes I forget to be where I am and to enjoy the things that are happening. I like being inspired from my friends. I concentrated really hard to put these wise words in action. I have always thought that living in the moment is kind of stupid, oh, well, you know all those inspirational quotes, that don't really mean anything. Meh. But this time something clicked. What Danute told me came with perfect timming. I could take it and make it my own. Appreciate. Look around. Be happy about the little things. Cheers! The world is your oyster.

I hope you all had the bestest of Christmas'es because I did for sure!

Happy 2016, enjoy everything!

pirmdiena, 2015. gada 21. decembris

Reāli priecīgus svētkus! Yo!

Ko nozīmē būt patīkami pārsteigtam? Prieks un laime kas saglabājas ilgāk par mirkli kurā tu redzi ka vārds skatlogā uzrakstīts nepareizi. Šogad kā lielāko Ziemassvētku Dāvanu esmu saņēmusi apstākļu sakritību, ka mana 6 gadus vecā krustmeita Nora dzied dziesmu ESI REĀLS! Visus vārdus! Tiem kas nezin, "Esi reāls" ir grupa Mixeri 90' gadu latviešu Hīts, ar dziļiem, arī šodien patiesiem vārdiem. Kapēc gan lai viņa zinātu šo dziesmu? Jo dziesma ir tikusi atskaņota kulta raidījumā "Izskaties redzēts". Esmu ļoti priecīga, ka šodien kopā dziedājām:

"Esi reāls
Steigā sevi vien tērē
Esi reāls
Kur gan paliek laiks sev un Tev
Esi reāls
Viss gar acīm skrien ātri
Esi reāls
Brīdi apstājies"
Novēlu Jums Priecīgus svētkus! Un visiem būt reāliem, gan svētku laikā,
gan ikdienā! 
pievienoju bildi ar sevi, Noru, eglīti un kaķi! Kā arī grupa Mixeri dziesmu "Esi reāls"


Izzīrēju istabu/ room for rent

Izzīrēju vienu istabu, četru istabu dzīvoklī, Rīga, Ģertrūdes iela 63, piektajā stāvā. Istaba daļēji mēbelēta. Vannasistaba un virtuve koplietošanas telpas. Ir gāzes plīts un veļas mazgājamā mašīna, kā arī internets. Cena 150 eiro mēnesī, cenā viss ekļauts: internets, kā arī siltais ūdens (boileris) un gāze, elektrība. Pieejams tūlīt.
Ja ir interese, lūdzu kontaktēties ar mani, e-pasts: madara.shulce@gmail.com vai facebookā: https://www.facebook.com/madara.sulce.

trešdiena, 2015. gada 22. jūlijs

Tall and proud! To y'all with any height at all!

This time it is about decisions. There are some things you choose in life and some you don't . Take for example a persons height! Unless you live in a country were they stretch your neck with metal rings, you probably didn't choose your shortness or tallness or your avarege heightness. I mean, I am of reasonable age now and comments on my height don't bother me any more. In my not so long life I have gotten a tonn of
"How tall are you?",
"Wow, you are really tall!",
"Do you play basketball?",
"How tall are you really?",
"but I am still taller than you, right?"
No, you are probably not and that is fine. I honestly had forgoten about this, because there are real problems out there, but today I got reminded with a comment on facebook on my girlfriend, and the comment said, "You are very beautifull, but very tall". And the teenager me inside gets upset, because people should be more okey with who they are. Coments like these come from a place called "insecurities".
Like this page ----> how to look not so tall!  WHY NOT? How about I just wear what I want and look tall. What about that?
So the thing is, there are some things you choose, like being not-ignorant and things you do not choose, like your height. So remember, make good decisions, like be a cool person inside and do not care too much for how you or others look, because inside matters more. Cheers!